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rouladenmuetze Featured By Owner 4 days ago

love your art and have been a member on your site for quite a while now. The addition of LCKX is highly anticipated.

I do feel a little deceived though, that I now have to pay once again, although, when first signing up it said it will be a one-time, never to return fee. Back then I already felt, that this wouldn't be the case and seems I was right.

I do understand, that this is something new and different, however it feels fishy, it will be, if I understand correctly, be on the same site - the one that I already paid for to get "everything ever". It's as if any early access game, say Minecraft for the sake of the argument, suddenly decides "hey - the next update is so big, let's charge them again, although we promised we never will."

Keep up the good work!

Yppiz Featured By Owner 23 hours ago
Are you seriously complaining about modest a one-time fee for a site with the kind of quality that LCK offers?

This is what reading your post brought to mind:…

IMNSHO, the LCK admin is being very polite in his response to your comment.
looks-can-kill Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
that's a fair observation, and while we understand many people will react that way, we also feel it's the best way to maintain a clear distinction between the type of content people will be seeing.  btw, no-one is asking you to subscribe to LCKX... it is not enforced.  it will be up to the current subscriber to decide if they really want to see more, in which case we are asking them to help us out by paying for it.  all of the effort that goes into creating this work is not cheap, you know.

we'd also like to reiterate that this is a *one-time-ever* thing.  we still can't find a subscription site on the web that asks you to pay once for something and then never again.
rouladenmuetze Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Thanks for getting back to me.

I do get your point behind it and as I said, I think 10$ for the upgrade is a fair price to ask. However, just wanted to point out that from a subscriber point of view who already paid the *one-time-ever* fee, this will be the second time ever ;)

It even still say so in your subscription picture: "Complete site access is granted upon a payment of $10 [...] Access is provided for as long as the website exists" and that part is just not true for me. Even more so, as I paid the full $20 subscription, before you went on your hiatus. And the opt-out by not paying if you're not interested is a weak explanation - there is so much porn on the internet free and paid - If I'm not interested in it, I just don't look at it (this goes for everything else on the internet as well, not just porn ;) )

However, I and I'm sure many others are very eager to see the upcoming stuff and also happy to pay for it.

All good! Cheers ;)
otbjacko Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Like you I too have also paid the original $20 but I would have to disagree with your argument. First off as a paid subscriber we were told a one time fee for the current content provided and any future content. At that time only one type of content existed which was the glamour shots which are still provided til this day and they are enhanced versions of what was original provided to us, at no extra cost.

To use your game analogy, we purchased a product(early access of mine craft) and were provided big updates (the enhanced renders) at no extra cost.

Now lets say the artist decided to use Octane to render the images and decided to charge us once more because now the images are produced using Octane but they are still Glamour pictures, then yes the artist is going back on their word because they are still giving us the same content just using different tools and are charging us for this.

LCKX is going to be different content provided but still using familiar models as well as new ones. If I am correct to say its going to be more then just glamour shots provided to us. To use a game analogy once more, think Diablo 3 that's what we paid for and we are getting free patches and updates. ROS exp of D3, new characters, items and landscapes and features + free updates and patches, which is what LCKX is, something new expanding on the original. That is fair for the artist to charge us additionally for because it is new and different content than what we originally paid for.

As for the part of "Complete site access is granted upon a payment of $10 " I can't argue that point since it reiterates it at the botton of the LCK+ section. But since LCKX hasn't be released and you want to get technical, there is nothing preventing them from putting a link linking a different site hosting the LCKX content which in turn voids the complete site access argument since it's technically not on the site.

Lastly the fee, like I said, I paid the $20 too and I am sure plenty of other people have as well. But I got more than what I paid for. Heck I got a better deal than those that paid before me because there may not of been as much content back than as there is now. Heck if you paid sometime after me than you got a better deal than I did because you had access to more content than I did at the time when I paid. Those that are subbing now are getting a WAY! better deal, pretty much two for the price of one. Yea I have to pay $10 more compared to the new subs subbing to both, but when I compare it to some other artist who charge monthly or by set, I and many other others including you are getting a ridiculously good deal.

After some thought, it just looks like you're trying to troll the artist into giving you free access to the new content. If that's the case then I too have been trolled and will give you a "W" for this. 
LegsEmporium Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
FANTASTIC work!!  THANKS for sharing!!!
RuichiLuigi Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014
Just wondering , will you ever consider a pinup with the ladies lying down on their stomach and grabbing their heels like this:…

Would be hot especially on Exotica who's my favorite :)
MRock91 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014
Great works Clap Bests!) :) (Smile) 
j455b Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014
Question: How long does it take you to render your work and on what type machine? also did you create your figures from scratch in Daz 3D or did you modify existing shapes?

I am trying out this 3D stuff again after playing with 3D Studio 4 in DOS on my 486DX66 a long time ago and things have changed since the 90s...

You are definitely an inspiration!

looks-can-kill Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
that's a tough question to answer succinctly -- it often depends on the detail in the scene, the number of lights, amount of geometry, are we rendering depth of field, etc.  So a render could take anywhere from a few hours to more than a day.  and even then, they often require clean up.

equipment, well, we have a couple of high-powered macs in our arsenal, both quad core i7s.

the figures have mostly been created from scratch.  madison, eden, and exotica are all custom morphs that originated with the v4 figure in poser.  we have since progressively migrated them to the genesis 2 mesh by way of the brilliant Genx2 plugin for DAZ Studio.

we remember 3D Studio.  even had a copy of release 1 on an on old 386 windows machine.  much has indeed changed in 3D since those days :)

very best of luck with your 3D endeavors.  never give up!
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